A Journey through Deep Jazz, Ethno-Funk, Nu Beats, Gospel Prayers and Ethopian Soul.

1.      Astral Traveling (Intro) - Lonnie Liston Smith
2.      ÊïììÜôé - 9
3.      Aki No Kotonoha - Keiko Matsuo and Her Ensemble 
4.      Credo -  Woima Collective 
5.      No Way But Still Walking - Woima Collective 
6.      When Love Is Strange - Nostalgia 77 feat. Josa Peit 
7.      Welldone -  Yesterdays New Quintet 
9.      Among the stars (Dream 2) - Julia's Dreams 
10.    Vanilla - Maybe
11.    Cooke Out (Interlude) - Pig Pen 
12.    Seat In The Kingdom - Crumb Brothers 
13.    Blossom Dearie - good life
14.    Alèmu Aga - Selé senè seqlèt 
15.    Tezeta (Nostalgia) -  Mulatu Astatke 
16.    Blue Nile -  Kelan Phil Cohran And Legacy 
17.    Suspension -  Mark Nauseef / Kudsi Erguner / Markus Stockhausen
18.    Night forest - Julia's Dreams 
19.    In This Moment - Ogiyy 
20.    Solar Midnight - Pavel Dovgal 
21.    Δ Δ - Architecture Liquide (Excerpt
Astral Travelling Part.1 by Funker&Bruchpilot




Leaving Earth far behind with Brooklyn´s Shigeto. The Album "Full Circle" was released on Ghostly International at the end of last Year. One of my favorite Beat-Producers at the moment, producing very organic sounding jazz influenced Beats with warm atmospheric Sound-Layers that remind me a bit on late 70´s avantgarde Jazz-Fusion. A weird and beautiful Blend! Just the right Kind of Music for ILWAB. Light up the Darkness. 
" Beginnings"
Great Mix from Shigeto. Download@Klick!

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Crazy Communists - Bulgarian Barbarian
Check out the pictures of an old friend from bulgaria:
Nicola Mihov

Met him in my student times in the rainy mountains of switzerland, the hot coast of italy, the dirty spooky catacombs of paris and the smoked out couches of cologne. When you meet him, spend time with him, you maybe come to the point where you could start thinking he is crazy, but in the end you realize, he is full of energy. He was always looking for pictures, he was CRAZY about pictures (i guess he obviously still is). When we were travelling, he and the other "bulgarian barbarians" as we named them kindly, made ME crazy because i experienced them like an unstructured floating through space and time. Today i remember those "barbarian"-encounters as very inspirative days!!! I only hear about Nicola "Das Huhn" through news about his recent photo-works and i´m always happy to see that he goes his way as a photographer. In his pictures i see the inspiration again.

Peace out to кокошка and Bushman from Bulgaria.

Check his Series "forget your past"@kLicK


In Love with Turkey No.1

This Songs, espacially the first one, are dedicated to my highly appreciated Friend Galip. Reminiscing the Days when we were sitting in this small Puma-Cage called "Edit-Suite", during last Winter. While editing Images from Istanbul, we talked about Life, Love and Music (as always...;-) to warm ourselves a little bit. (Cologne Winters are cold, dark and looong!) He told me a lot about Turkey and "his" Istanbul, were he grew up in the 60´s.

 Selda Bagcan & Mogollar - "Cemberinde Gül Oya"
We discovered this lovely Song "Cemberinde Gül Oya"(Rose Lace in My Scarf), and i directly fell in Love with it. Listening to the Song, Galip remembered himself as a Young Man walking throug the Streets of Istanbul. We used it for a Collage of Istanbul-Images in the Documentary about the Istanbul based Writer Orhan Pamuk, we were working on back then.  

Dun Bugun Yarin Orkestra- "Havada Bulut Yo"

The second Song, "Havada Bulut Yok", we used for a Scene in Orhan Pamuks "Museum of Innocence" in Istanbul, a Magic Place were you definately have to go if you visit the City one Day. Sadly both Songs coudn´t make it into the Final Edit of the Documentary, because we had a Composer doin the whole Score, but i still can´t imagine better Songs for the Istanbul-Scenes.

Talking and dreaming about Istanbul...Turkey, Land of the Brave. Cologne loves you!


Deep - Deeper

6th Borough Project

More Info coming soon...

6th Borough Project - Craig Smith

this one gets you deeper than deep...



A Capella

Capella live in da ROOM
Another Future Beats Joint from Monoclock
Radio Citizen - Therma (Ubiquity Records 2010)
Inspiration Information coming soon...stay tuned!

Radio Citizen´s  "Therma" from -Hope and Despair- Album


40 Winks "reloaded"

Refreshed the 40 Winks-Post, new Tracks, new Links, a free Download...Check it out below!

Songs for the Night No.02

Tape & Bil Wells "Fugue 3" (Immune 2010)


Tonight, a little bit too late, comes a huge little Minimal-Piano Track from Bill Wells and Tape., from the Album "Fugue". Both are signed on  Immune Records. The Tracks on the Album are the Result of a long Studio Recording Session in Tape´s own Studio "Summa", in Stockholm, Sweden. Words can´t tell what i feel about that one... Enjoy!

"Tape and Bill Wells first met in Stockholm while Bill was performing his music with The Concretes and Jens Lekman. Both artists were aware of each other’s work and upon this first meeting they spoke of collaborating together on a recording.
A year later Bill invited Tape to perform three concerts together at Triptych Festival in Scotland. During their visit a day was spent recording at Ca Va Sound in Glasgow. Those recordings were the start of something truly special. In 2008 Bill traveled to Stockholm to again perform some concerts with Tape and it was during this visit that a week was spent recording at Tape’s own Summa Studio. It was the recordings from this session that became Fugue. The four tracks selected were the ones where the music sounded like something completely of it’s own, something other than Bill Wells or Tape. With the use of piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, guitar, bass, electronics, drums and synthesizer Fugue is truly a unique and timeless recording from these legendary and prolific artists. Simplistic, searching and fragile. (Fluid-Radio)

Recording-Session for the Album "Pianotapes", released November 2010 on the Cologne based Label "Karaoke Kalk"

(check out the Hauschka-Post here for similiar Sounds)  

Immune Records@Klick!
Karaoke Kalk@Klick!


J´aime les Beats

"Nobody beats the Beats"   (Sonny B Recordings, 2002)
Two pretty obscure Space-Retro-Beats from the Copenhagen based Label Sonny B Recordings. The Tracks appeared 2002 on the very rare Compilation "Nobody beats the Beats", from the same named Musician-Collective formed in Danmark by Dj Typhoon and about fourteen (!) other Musicians and Producers. They were a very popular Underground-Act back in the Days and produced three Albums. Good Sounds, especially for that Time. 

Context -J´aime les Beats

Nicknack- Unarmed & Dangerous

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Mooncircling again...

40 Winks - It´s a Trip (Project Mooncircle, 2011)
Album-Snippet from April-Release on Project Mooncircle. Just beautiful melancholic  and flowering Beats, they really got Soul. Antwerpen must be as wack as Cologne..is there no Sun in this god damned Country?
40 Winks (Weedy & Padmo) are making Music since 2002 and in my Ears this is just the Way to do it. Deep Samples circling arround and playing with each other, perfectly arranged. Thät hits me from the Socks, as we say in Köllonia.

40 Winks - At the Lunar Bar (Live!)

40 Winks - I Heart U on Drums

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