Songs for the Night No.02

Tape & Bil Wells "Fugue 3" (Immune 2010)


Tonight, a little bit too late, comes a huge little Minimal-Piano Track from Bill Wells and Tape., from the Album "Fugue". Both are signed on  Immune Records. The Tracks on the Album are the Result of a long Studio Recording Session in Tape´s own Studio "Summa", in Stockholm, Sweden. Words can´t tell what i feel about that one... Enjoy!

"Tape and Bill Wells first met in Stockholm while Bill was performing his music with The Concretes and Jens Lekman. Both artists were aware of each other’s work and upon this first meeting they spoke of collaborating together on a recording.
A year later Bill invited Tape to perform three concerts together at Triptych Festival in Scotland. During their visit a day was spent recording at Ca Va Sound in Glasgow. Those recordings were the start of something truly special. In 2008 Bill traveled to Stockholm to again perform some concerts with Tape and it was during this visit that a week was spent recording at Tape’s own Summa Studio. It was the recordings from this session that became Fugue. The four tracks selected were the ones where the music sounded like something completely of it’s own, something other than Bill Wells or Tape. With the use of piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, guitar, bass, electronics, drums and synthesizer Fugue is truly a unique and timeless recording from these legendary and prolific artists. Simplistic, searching and fragile. (Fluid-Radio)

Recording-Session for the Album "Pianotapes", released November 2010 on the Cologne based Label "Karaoke Kalk"

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