Funker und Bruchpilot - More & Less Room

A skilled Mix through deep Instrumental Jazz and fresh and soulful Future Beatz from 
Cologne´s "Funker & Bruchpilot" 

Im looking forward to a new Collaboration (DJ & Musician) with an ambitioned professionel Saxophone Player from Cologne. Me on the Turntables, him on the Sax, we´re gonna play a combination of Deep Vibes from Jazz, Soul and Instrumental Funk, to some fresh and soulful Future Beatz. Live! We´re tryin go get the beatiful "Boogaloo" Bar as Location now. I´ll keep you informed about upcomig Dates.
The Day we met first we talked a lot about how much "room" he needs to give his Saxophone the right Effect within the Music i play on the Turntables. That inspired me to do this little Mix and to give it the this Name. I really like it, in the beginning it´s very jazzy, later it get´s more and more uplifting and ernergizing. Enjoy it!

More & Less Room by Funker_Und_Bruchpilot on Mixcloud
More & Less Room 
mixed by Funker & Bruchpilot

1    Express Brass Band - Intro
2    Portico Quartet - Life Mask (Interlude)
3    Benni Maupin - The Jewel In The Lotus
4    Benni Maupin - Song For Tracie Dixon Summers
5    Express Brass Band - Caravan Part II
6    Portico Quartet - Life Mask
7    Judy Bailey Quartet - The Eleven Eight Song
8    Nostalgia 77 - Golden Morning
10  Hidden Orchestra - Footsteps
11  40 Winks - Not The Destination
12  40 Winks - I Heart U on Drums
13  DJ Mayonnaise - May Days
14  The Hustlers - Bonus a
15  a.z - Spotless
16  Obba Supa - Pure INtentions Intro
17  Trebles and Blues - Pluto Jazz
18  Natural Yogurt Band - Biscuit 32
19  The Echocentrics - The Open Veins
20  Teebs - Just For You (Flipped Gaby Vocals)
21  Dingy Dysu - Chapter2 Poltergeist
22  Mat Young - Barn Burning
23  Express Brass Band - Ballada & Outro
24  Twilight Nuages - Life Goes on Love Goes On

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