Funker und Bruchpilot - More & Less Room

A skilled Mix through deep Instrumental Jazz and fresh and soulful Future Beatz from 
Cologne´s "Funker & Bruchpilot" 

Im looking forward to a new Collaboration (DJ & Musician) with an ambitioned professionel Saxophone Player from Cologne. Me on the Turntables, him on the Sax, we´re gonna play a combination of Deep Vibes from Jazz, Soul and Instrumental Funk, to some fresh and soulful Future Beatz. Live! We´re tryin go get the beatiful "Boogaloo" Bar as Location now. I´ll keep you informed about upcomig Dates.
The Day we met first we talked a lot about how much "room" he needs to give his Saxophone the right Effect within the Music i play on the Turntables. That inspired me to do this little Mix and to give it the this Name. I really like it, in the beginning it´s very jazzy, later it get´s more and more uplifting and ernergizing. Enjoy it!

More & Less Room by Funker_Und_Bruchpilot on Mixcloud
More & Less Room 
mixed by Funker & Bruchpilot

1    Express Brass Band - Intro
2    Portico Quartet - Life Mask (Interlude)
3    Benni Maupin - The Jewel In The Lotus
4    Benni Maupin - Song For Tracie Dixon Summers
5    Express Brass Band - Caravan Part II
6    Portico Quartet - Life Mask
7    Judy Bailey Quartet - The Eleven Eight Song
8    Nostalgia 77 - Golden Morning
10  Hidden Orchestra - Footsteps
11  40 Winks - Not The Destination
12  40 Winks - I Heart U on Drums
13  DJ Mayonnaise - May Days
14  The Hustlers - Bonus a
15  a.z - Spotless
16  Obba Supa - Pure INtentions Intro
17  Trebles and Blues - Pluto Jazz
18  Natural Yogurt Band - Biscuit 32
19  The Echocentrics - The Open Veins
20  Teebs - Just For You (Flipped Gaby Vocals)
21  Dingy Dysu - Chapter2 Poltergeist
22  Mat Young - Barn Burning
23  Express Brass Band - Ballada & Outro
24  Twilight Nuages - Life Goes on Love Goes On

By the Way...check out Cologne´s finest Funk Band Dickes B
and DJ Cem from Beatpackers


BeatfreakSiegfried hat gesagt…

you got the flow, you got the flow, you got the flow
you´re on of the biggest inspiration in my life
Thanks BRO

Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

you make me be ashame bro... freut mich sehr that you like it. you got the real flavour man!!! to say it in les freres smiths words: music is the weapon of the future, keep on fighting! cu soon po n kaffee