J´aime les Beats

"Nobody beats the Beats"   (Sonny B Recordings, 2002)
Two pretty obscure Space-Retro-Beats from the Copenhagen based Label Sonny B Recordings. The Tracks appeared 2002 on the very rare Compilation "Nobody beats the Beats", from the same named Musician-Collective formed in Danmark by Dj Typhoon and about fourteen (!) other Musicians and Producers. They were a very popular Underground-Act back in the Days and produced three Albums. Good Sounds, especially for that Time. 

Context -J´aime les Beats

Nicknack- Unarmed & Dangerous

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BeatfreakSiegfried hat gesagt…

My Man, i feel your soul. You did it again. I wanna get high like the old days. Was geht diese Woche oder am WE wegen designtreffen? Morje Kaffebud? PEACE

Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

Yeah! Kaffebud sounds jut, wie immer... I met Mr. Tambourine Man last Friday...Eight Miles High...3 Feet high and rising... Designtreffen immer gerne, meet me in the Studo this Week every DaY, or at the Weekend we could go out after for some Beers, my Man. Light & Love

Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

And you HAVE to listen to the fresh 40 Winks Tracks!!! Sooooo good

BeatfreakSiegfried hat gesagt…

I´ll be ready at 12:15. What do you think how many espresso can we take in half an hour?