Mooncircling again...

40 Winks - It´s a Trip (Project Mooncircle, 2011)
Album-Snippet from April-Release on Project Mooncircle. Just beautiful melancholic  and flowering Beats, they really got Soul. Antwerpen must be as wack as Cologne..is there no Sun in this god damned Country?
40 Winks (Weedy & Padmo) are making Music since 2002 and in my Ears this is just the Way to do it. Deep Samples circling arround and playing with each other, perfectly arranged. Thät hits me from the Socks, as we say in Köllonia.

40 Winks - At the Lunar Bar (Live!)

40 Winks - I Heart U on Drums

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BeatfreakSiegfried hat gesagt…

My Man, where are you digging? I wish to have more time to listen to this. Need to fix my wires. It really scheint like that we ARE english, isn´t it.


Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

Yes , we are very germenglish man. Im digging deeeep, you know...cant hide...floating into space...without any drugs! :-) much more vibes to come, and a first deep jazz-mix, and a new age funk mix too. wait until the studio is fully fertig eingerichtet, then we can heb ab!
Light & Love