Crazy Communists - Bulgarian Barbarian
Check out the pictures of an old friend from bulgaria:
Nicola Mihov

Met him in my student times in the rainy mountains of switzerland, the hot coast of italy, the dirty spooky catacombs of paris and the smoked out couches of cologne. When you meet him, spend time with him, you maybe come to the point where you could start thinking he is crazy, but in the end you realize, he is full of energy. He was always looking for pictures, he was CRAZY about pictures (i guess he obviously still is). When we were travelling, he and the other "bulgarian barbarians" as we named them kindly, made ME crazy because i experienced them like an unstructured floating through space and time. Today i remember those "barbarian"-encounters as very inspirative days!!! I only hear about Nicola "Das Huhn" through news about his recent photo-works and i´m always happy to see that he goes his way as a photographer. In his pictures i see the inspiration again.

Peace out to кокошка and Bushman from Bulgaria.

Check his Series "forget your past"@kLicK


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Great, great. Lets Contact "Das Huhn" for further Projects, Man. And Alex the Bushman.