In Love with Turkey No.1

This Songs, espacially the first one, are dedicated to my highly appreciated Friend Galip. Reminiscing the Days when we were sitting in this small Puma-Cage called "Edit-Suite", during last Winter. While editing Images from Istanbul, we talked about Life, Love and Music (as always...;-) to warm ourselves a little bit. (Cologne Winters are cold, dark and looong!) He told me a lot about Turkey and "his" Istanbul, were he grew up in the 60´s.

 Selda Bagcan & Mogollar - "Cemberinde Gül Oya"
We discovered this lovely Song "Cemberinde Gül Oya"(Rose Lace in My Scarf), and i directly fell in Love with it. Listening to the Song, Galip remembered himself as a Young Man walking throug the Streets of Istanbul. We used it for a Collage of Istanbul-Images in the Documentary about the Istanbul based Writer Orhan Pamuk, we were working on back then.  

Dun Bugun Yarin Orkestra- "Havada Bulut Yo"

The second Song, "Havada Bulut Yok", we used for a Scene in Orhan Pamuks "Museum of Innocence" in Istanbul, a Magic Place were you definately have to go if you visit the City one Day. Sadly both Songs coudn´t make it into the Final Edit of the Documentary, because we had a Composer doin the whole Score, but i still can´t imagine better Songs for the Istanbul-Scenes.

Talking and dreaming about Istanbul...Turkey, Land of the Brave. Cologne loves you!

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