Lieblingslieder No.11

"Unknown Mortal Orchestra - FFunny FFrends"

(The Sounds of Nothing, 2010)












Sooooo. I guess this is the best Song i discovered this Year, so far. Lets call it Lo-Fi-80´s-Indie-Funk from Portland. Sound like a Blend between Phoenix, Bowie and the Poets. And it has a strong "Sofia Coppolla-Vibe" to me. This Tune really took me in and i play it all Day long, while riding my 2Wheel-Space-Vehicle through the City of Love. Its Spring!!! As i got a "Wakeup-Call" last Spring from Myron & E and "The Tallest Man on Earth" (meet me, by the Way, on his Cologne-Concert 22nd May), this is my first Spring-Favourite this Year. 

The EP on Sounds of Nothing Records is already sold out, but i could get a tiny Copy of it. Grab the EP on the Link below.

Sounds of Nothing@Klick!
Unknown Orchestra EP@Klick!