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"The Poets of Rhythm - Moira"
"Das goldene Zeitalter - Vision"

In Preperation of a bigger Post about Munich´s legendary Funk Band "The Poets of Rhythm," founded 1991 by Max & Jan Weissenfeldt (and Wolfi Schlick), i´ll post today two Tracks here, the first one, "Vision", is a great Deep Jazz Track from Max W. (and Wolfi´S.) Souljazz-Sideproject "Das goldene Zeitalter".

The second one, "Moira", is an amazing Psych-Funk Masterpiece from groundbreaking Poets Album "Discern/Define", wich is still one of my Alltime-Alltime-Favorite Tracks. I never get tired listening to the whole Album, because its so unbelievable deep and good!

I have always been a huge Poets-Addict, and im really looking forward to present you more of their Sounds and Background here on I.L.W.A.B.
Belive it or not, it´s coming from Germany!

Album Review@Klick!
Safari Strut Video@Klick!


Electric Looser hat gesagt…

Thanx a lot 4 the comment.
Nice Blog,nice music choise.
Thanx a lot again.

Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

Thanks :) By the Way, the Track from the Soul Bros. Inc - Pyramide is not the one in your zipfile. the name is soul bros. inc, but the song is not. maybe...if i could dare to ask..you could upload me that song?