Songs for the Night No.01

"Kelan Phil Cohran And Legacy - Blue Nile
(Captcha Records, 1993) From the Album "African Skies"

Just now, tonight, when Clocks suddenly run one Hour faster, when Time slows down like an old roaring Train passing by in Slowmotion, i will start my new Category "Songs for the Night". A Song, a Story. At least every Fullmoon again. For the Beginning, i will lead you into the wide Universe of Chicago´s Afro-Futurism-Leader Sun Ra. Im a huge Fan, since i heard the Track "Space is the Place" for the first Time, about five Years ago. His Album "Lanquidity" is still one of my Alltime-Favourite Jazz Albums. Sun Ra died in 1993. His Band-Mate and Friend Phil Cohran produced the Record "African Skies "with his Band "Legacy" right after his Death, as a Tribute to his Friend and Mentor. It was played Live for only one Time, at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois that same year, and after that never again.

“African Skies” is a “nourishing and inspirational” document - a nuanced portrait of one of the most visionary musicians of our time in his prime." (Phil Cohran). 

"By channeling the energy of Sun Ra, Brother Phil brings us closer to enlightenment, closer to the cosmos with melodies that are as ancient as time itself. Sun Ra believed that music is the voice of the spirit, the energy we want to live within. In the aftermath of his death, Brother Phil drew upon his mentor’s cosmic perspective to produce an elegiac album that is utopian in spirit: a vessel brim-full of primordial vibes and a memo from some higher astral plane". (JazzTimes

This Song, and the Album show, in my Opinion, exactly what i mean when im talkin about "Astral Travelling". It drifts me far, far away, every single time i hear it and it always gives me such a warm and smooth feeling in my stomach wich stays there for a good while. Incredible deep Vibes from outter Space and beyond! 
I was just out for a Walk at the Rhine, just next to my Door, crossing the Südbrücke at the Rheinau-Harbor, watching the Light disappear slowly, melting into the Magic "Blue Hour", when the Colours of the Day slowly hide, and Night is finally taking over. The Skyline of my City, Cologne in Front of me...a cold Kölsch (Beer) in my Hand...listening to this Song on my Headphones...could it get any better?

Interview mit Sun Ra@Klick!
Space is the Place"@Klick!

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