Melting Pot Cologne

Les Freres Smith - Le Marche des Smith 
(Melting Pot Music, 2009)e
Continuing our Cologne Special with an earthbound Track from an Afrobeat-Ethno-Jazz-Combo (???) out of Paris. The 7´inch was released 2009 on Cologne´s finest Recordlabel "Melting Pot Music". Paris/Cologne, from Metling Pot to Melting Pot. Here we go.

More Cologne Vibes coming soon, stay tuned!

"If you want to listen some goodafrobeate from Paris, you are in the right Place". Check out the Live-Session below.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

thanks for sharing :)

Martin from les Freres Smith!
Our first album CONTREBAND MENTALITY will be released on April 14th, stay tuned!!!

Music is the weapon of the future!!!

Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

Great News! Greetings to Paris, i lift my Hat for your Music:) Keep on fighting!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Cool man!

You may listen to our album teaser (7 out of 11 tunes) here: http://official.fm/playlists/55012

Astral Traveller hat gesagt…

Hey Martin, Album-Snippets sound really great! Especially the Track with Tony Allen is awesome...looking forward to get the Album! Greets